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Words have the power to paint pictures and translate emotions. Through poetry, the audience can embark on a journey of textured memories and feelings. Featured on this page you will find poets we have been lucky to collaborate with during our monthly event Textures of Music.

Upcoming Poetry Readings 

Each month the CTTC hosts a concert in collaboration with the Oakville Arts Studio, featuring local musicians, poets and photographers. The cost to attend the event is $15.00/per ticket which includes one glass of wine and appetizers.  

Past Poetry Readings at the CTTC


March 26th, 2017

Snowy Owl


I hear you, bird of prey, your cry is bleak

as the snow enveloping fallen trees

that once raised their leaves

to tremble in rapture at the warmth of spring,

but now lie insensible to winter’s spite


primitive bird with reptilian eyes,

to whom do you listen? for whom do you wait?

through a sunless indigo that does not glow

you flit like a fearful ghost

that cannot find its home.


Do not weep for these giant trees—

they have had their century

and leave in their wake

their seedlings, saplings that soon will rise

and spread their branches to the sun


see now in the moonlight,

pushing through a dying winter’s shroud,

sleeping twiglets soon to bear leaves


one day to bear talons...

giving respite to your seed


so rest then and be comforted

primordial owl.


April 30th & Nov. 27th, 2017


Born alone into a world devoid of worship, Alone among men too willing to curse,
I sought the blessing of the forest.
Seeking the company of lonely hermits,

I learned all that they had known, And resolved to live with memory.


Setting out into the world,
I walked alone among streets and vaults, And temples built to alien gods. Stepping softly so not to disturb,
The ebb and flow of daily life,
I lived, loved and was forgotten.


Returning, again, to lonely forests, I came to be, beneath a tree,
and sit content by tranquil water.

*This poem is based on Hermann Hess’s fictionalized biography of the Buddha.


Jan 28th, 2018


Neelofar NAHEED 

June 25th, 2017



Jan. 9th, 2017


Laurisa O'BRIEN

Feb. 26th, 2017

Beautiful Smile


His lips curl around the cigarette and he breathes in deeply.  The end of the cigarette flickers with orange sparks. He pulls the cigarette from his mouth and his lips settle into a pout. He looks up from his paper and sees me sitting there on the floor watching him. My eyes jump to looking at the dolls on my lap.

“Aye girl,” he calls.  His voice is loud. “Come here!”

I know what he wants.

I stand up and let the dolls fall to the floor. I walk over to him.  My eyes never leave the floor.

I know what he wants.

“You know what I want girl.”

I lift my head and I look beyond his head to the bright, yellow wall behind him. Cracks in the plaster ripple through the yellow and add texture to the surface.

“Girl, smile for me.”

I feel my lips quivering to hold the smile in place.

“Nice, real nice,” he says.

I feel my hand come up to protect my mouth. My hand hides the teeth that sit uneven and imperfect.

“Now go back and play with your toys,” he orders. I can smell the cigarette.

 I turn and walk past my dolls. My teeth now hidden behind the tight line of my clenched lips.

I walk out of the room.  I can still smell the cigarette.


May 27th, 2018

The Little Red Box


A little red box

With 2 doors that unlocks

People so tiny and small walk in

Some with a frown and some with a grin

In small whispers they say

What they feel and withought delay

The next little red door on the little red box

Opens up and now unlocks

Only letting the ones with a frown stay

So I can hear what they have to say

The ones with kind words get forced out

So they begin to scream and shout

So that I may hear

Before they dissapear

Their little kind words so happy, not sad

But the doors close leaving words so bad

From the little people with a frown to say

Letting the smiles and fun be in delay

In that little red box that can be found

In my mind safe and sound


Nov. 26th, 2017



May 29th, 2017

Singer & Poet

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