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Learn About Tapestry and Other Art Explorations

                         Art for All: People with Disabilities and Older Adults

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Contact us to learn more about our regular classes, for children, teens and adults. We provide sessions one-on-one, both in-person and online.

After COVID, our programs have been reprogrammed. We also relocated to the Northumberland region, and now we are serving all the communities of Alnwick-Haldimand, Kawarthas-Peterborough, Cobourg. We provide programming for older adult centres on regular basis.


At the CTTC, we provide art instruction delivered in person and online. We have experience collaborating with institutions such as Community Living for over 7 years, Family Options and Christian Horizons.

We cater to each group depending on the needs and time requested. If you would like a quote and some sample programmes offered by our dedicated and qualified instructors, please contact us and we will be glad to respond promptly.

 Art Connections Programme

Due to COVID 19 our organization is now adapting all of our programs to be served on an online platform in 2021. We have found one major benefit of moving to online is that our programs have a greater reach within Ontario - we are no longer limited to a specific location. Prior to COVID 19 the CTTC has offered workshops in Peterborough, Havelock, Halliburton, Muskoka, Toronto, Halton, Peel and Mississauga.

The CTTC mission is to foster intellectual, social, and emotional, connection and wellbeing through arts and culture. Facilitating welcoming intergenerational arts programs where individuals can exchange creative knowledge, celebrate cultural diversity and establish lasting connections within their own community.

Our participants range from to Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Seniors and Special Needs. Our programs classes hold anywhere from 8 - 45 individuals at a time. We have partnered with High schools (Halton District School Board), Community Living, Seniors Centres, York University, and Sheridan College.

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