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Tapestries, textiles and textures are all around us and have been present since the beginnings of our human existence. We live in an age where society is quickly evolving and more and more reliant on technology, so it is extremely important to provide a place and platform in which both youth and elders can explore this ancient art form and continue to develop it and explore it. In addition to building an artistic community, weaving can offer various benefits to the young members of our society, including building hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, concepts of colour,  design and artistic skill. 


Our donors and members are a core part of building a strong foundation of preserving and building this artistic community. With your help we can continue to implement, teach and encourage individuals and communities to dive into this world of tapestry and texture. By joining this community of support, you will be directly helping finance projects and initiatives to promote this artistic community. 

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*Since we are a Non-for-profit Organization and not a Registered Charity, we cannot issue official donation receipts for income tax purposes*​

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