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The Canadian Tapestry and Texture Centre (CTTC) was founded in 2015. The CTTC is a natural extension to the Oakville Handweavers and Spinners Guild, the oldest Guild in Oakville, Ontario, founded in 1954. The Canadian Tapestry and Texture Centre is a non-profit educational organization that explores tapestry through traditional and contemporary art forms. Through our programs and our community outreach, we create and provide an intergenerational, non-judgmental, art-making and learning opportunity for women, younger adults living with disabilities and older adults. 


Our mission is to foster intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth, connection and wellbeing through arts and culture. Facilitating welcoming intergenerational programs where individuals can exchange creative knowledge, celebrate cultural diversity and establish lasting connections within their own community.



Practice the integration of tradition, culture, and self-expression, through textile and interdisciplinary creative arts in order to empower individuals and promote a stronger, healthier, creative community.


Through our Assisted learning program we provide instructional strategies through a variety of resources that give additional support for the families and participants. 


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