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Lectures are a wonderful way to be introduced to the history of textiles and tapestry but also to go in-depth into the uncharted territories within the world of textures and fibres. We cover a wide variety of Lecture topics including the following:

Pre-Colombian Natural Dyes & Processes

Anthropological approach to the traditional techniques in ancient Central and South American cultures. Learn about the cochineal and the wonders of the blood red, the mystic purple snail and the amazing indigo dye for creating the Maya Blue.
$200.00 CAN/1.5 hr. Lecture

Tapestry THEN & NOW: Innovation vs. Tradition

Tapestry weaving has been a craft and an art for centuries. It reflects parameters in art and periods in time. Learn about the traditional techniques and materials used in traditional tapestry weaving, and what innovating techniques and materials contemporary artists are offering. Learn about the avant-garde Japanese fibre arts, the Polish contemporary textiles and the International Forums for the Fibre Arts. Learn the process of creating a tapestry. Try a hands-on-experience to feel the wonders of the fibres.
$150.00 CAN/1 hr. Lecture (option for workshop is additional)

Textile Art in Architectural Spaces

Explore the creative ideas to exhibit textile art. See some interesting projects for public buildings and learn something about the factors that affect the textiles: conservation, lightning, temperature, exposure, humidity and maintenance. Explore the possibilities of this wonderful art.
$200.00 CAN/1.5 hr. Lecture

5 Centuries of Tapestry: From the Atelier of Les Gobelins to the Abusson

Travel in time to admire how this "simple craft" was once an economical and social key in the structures of the European society. We will look at tapestries from the early 14th Century to the early 20th Century from the Aubusson workshop.

$200.00 CAN/1 hr. Lecture

The Series of the Unicorn Tapestries 

Learn about the fascinating story of these seven tapestries. How they traveled along Europe and America, from being a precious possession of François VI de la Rochefoucauld in 1680 decorating castles, to becoming potato sacks! Study their techniques, materials, but most of all, their symbolism. Find out where they can they be admired!
$ 200.00 CAN/1.5 hrs. Lecture

Other lecture topics include Iconography in the "Mille Fleurs" tapestries, Iconography of Otomi and Mazahuan Textiles and many more. 

If you are interested in hosting one of our lectures, please email or call us. 

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