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Wether you are an individual looking to acquire knowledge and skills about tapestry or a group/organization interested in hosting an event, we offer varying workshops for all skill levels touching different techniques and concepts such as different weaving methods, concept and design and explore with colours and different textured fibres. 


Weaving for Adults

  • Weaving for Kids 

  • Weaving for Seniors


The tapestry workshops are offered to the groups specified above in a variety of formats.

  • Workshop  

  • Weekly classes 

  • Monthly classes 


These courses are designed to develop a series of projects that will allow individuals to strengthen and increase their skills in tapestry weaving. We will explore a variety of textures, from flat weave to 3D structures. Our focus is on nature as a catalytic metaphor for inspiration as we study repeated patterns. Day trips to our lovely trails in Oakville area provide ample opportunity to observe such details in nature.

Each 1 to 4 week-long weaving workshops are designed to provide an optimum learning experience for participants of all weaving skill levels. Curriculum content includes lectures, discussions, informative handouts, careful study of woven examples, drafting practices on paper, and extensive sample weaving. All students are welcome, from those with no weaving experience to advanced weavers who want to fill in gaps and enhance their weaving and designing skills. 


Our Workshops cover a variety of topics such as:

  • Iconography of the millefleurs & the series of the Unicorn Tapestries

  • History and techniques Design workshop: immersion in composition for tapestry projects

  • From plain weave to 3D woven structure: an introduction to the sculptural tapestry

  • Colour blending with diverse fibres: technique workshop

  • Mounting, storing, presentation and conservation of tapestries

For more information on workshops, you can download the workshop info booklet here.


Weaving for Senior Centres

Our schedule varies depending on age level and the program structure you are interested in taking. To register, please send us an email specifying wether you are interested in Adult, Child or Senior classes and wether you are interested in taking a workshop or a class.  

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